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08 May 2008 @ 10:47 pm
Here is a draft I've been working on. It's brief but it's a different and angle and approach on AFE.

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26 December 2007 @ 01:22 am

This is Harley Cooper, writer of the AU Death Note fanfiction of LXOC entitled "Appetite for Enigma." This community is devoted to all fans of AFE pairings. I shall be posting stories here of the pairings you all support or the pairings that "could have been." The themes of each story that I will post will range from Oneshot, Fluff, Romance, Smut or even more than one chapter depending on your comments and reviews. Please select on your favorite pairing from each category and state your reasons why in the comments page.

Once I have all posted stories to each pairing respectively, you could join and post your own AFE pairing story. I will not be offended or restrict you of any material you will put on your own fic. Just make sure you write well and you give justice to my OCs. Now about Yaoi and Yuri or Shounen Ai and Shoujo Ai, I shall be debating on this before I make a final decision. 

Thank you.

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25 December 2007 @ 01:20 am

"Forty Percent" (BFD)
Pairing: FraLawliet (official)
: Angst/Romance
Additional Details
: Another ‘stimulating’ conversation provided with a blend of emotional intimacy.

Summary: Francesca is left to her musings about a favourite character while sharing another intimate detail to her eccentric lover.



We all miss this pairing so bad! While I was writing this, I realized how cruel I must have been, destroying Francesca like that for a while. L must be really sulking now with his new friend Light. Still, I blame myself for putting my readers in the agony of Francesca’s disappearance. I promise that she is very okay (well, for a tortured captive.) For now, let us dwell with her last moment with L.

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29 November 2007 @ 01:16 am

"Cheesy Fries" (AFD)
Pairing: NicoMello (official)
: Humour/Romance
Additional Details
: Suggestive remarks and actions from both sides.

Summary: Mello liked Nicoline for a long time but he finds her too uptight sometimes. All that can be changed when he sees her indulging herself on a snack and might just need his help cleaning off.



I don’t know about you, but I definitely enjoy pissy Mello. He is such an adorable little bastard. The plot of this story is composed of abusive comedic anecdotes. You’ll be very surprised how Nicoline could be so...err...generous (?)

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31 October 2007 @ 01:13 am

"The Solicitor" (AFD)
Pairing: NaoRay (official)
: Humour/Romance

Additional Details: The famous ‘Near wickedness’ taunts again.
Summary: The games just got more dangerous now that Near decides to establish a puny obstacle.

You know, I'm still not comfortable with Naomi and Ray as a pairing but I did have fun making this one. Poor Ray should learn not to play with children's toys especially if the child in question is determined to win the game and earn a kiss from his opponent. This story features Near in one of his stellar moments.

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17 October 2007 @ 12:54 am
"Que sera, sera" (AFD)

Pairing: LeiMatt (official)
Genre: Humour/Romance
Additional Details: Leixa’s method to satisfy urges
Summary: Matt is a computer geek. But can he handle real-life visuals?

Matt gets jealous with Mello's opportunity with Nicoline and tries to do the same thing with his own lady interest. will Leixa let him play? Ah, I love young boys trying to do their love moves on older girls. The concept of Leixa and Matt as a paring was debated since Mello was supposed to be for Leixa. Nicoline was supposed to be paired with...get this...Matsuda (?) Well, now I think I have decided well with the two pairings. Enjoy this short drabble. This was the last one I finished.

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11 September 2007 @ 01:42 am

"Aced" (AFD)
Pairing: FraNear (unexplored)
: Angst/Romance
Additional Details
: Near reveals a layer of humanity using a card game.

Summary: He loves puzzles and she was this particular one he couldn’t solve.

There is a good number of FraNear fans out there, I know since I showcased their addictive mind game. Near is still a water that runs deep and his feelings for Francesca is a delicious issue. I really enjoyed exploring this pairing especially deciphering a mind as complicated as Near's. I think you would also find this short piece very moving as well. Although Francesca belongs to our charming Lawliet, we all know she could also be inclined to care for a sad kid like Near. Express your adoration for this pairing!


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05 September 2007 @ 10:02 pm

"Her Nocturnal Pedestal" (AFD)
: NicoLawliet (unexplored)
: Angst/Romance/Smut
Additional Details
: Detailed and graphic sensually forbidden rendezvous. 
Summary: With Francesca gone, Nicoline soothes her way into L's affections and receives a momentary blissful solitude in one night when reality is damned and passion is exalted. Opportunities like this don't come twice.


There is a reason why I incorporated smut in this pairing. I've been having naughty thoughts about NicoLawliet for a long time and the idea is to relieve such impure thinking into writing. I know NicoLawliet is one unexplored pairing that not many agreed on (actually, almost every AFE reader doesn't seem to approve it) but it just keeps messing with me and I find no way to flush it down but to make it into a smut. Please take caution that this scene doesn't have anything to do with the original plot of AFE. Forgive me for such an illicit work but I still hope that this would get good reviews. Enjoy nonetheless.

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